About Steven Vaughan

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About Steven Vaughan

Steven Vaughan is a multi-media artist who pushes the envelope in all regards. He considers his greatest gift to be the ability to look at something well established and see it in a new way.

Vaughan is currently the Fashion Designer & Creative Director for Charles Mallory London.

From visionary work in film to breathtaking works of visual art, Vaughan has become a pioneering innovator in each new medium that he chooses to work in. As a filmmaker, he has done work for brands like BMW, Chanel, Narragansett, Fanta, Brooks Brothers, and more. He has sparked trends in high-end eyewear as a fashion designer, also helping to create the iconic Juicy Couture heart-shaped push button.

Vaughan's fine art has been covered globally in all media. His accolades include a one artist show at The Paul Mellon Museum, top New York gallery representation, and the creation of his trademarked $1.2 million dollar ArtRod.